New Moon of Illumination in Scorpio

Scorpio ♏ Season. It’s been an intense month, to say the least, and here we are coming into the New Moon! New Moon’s mark the end of one season, and the beginning of a next.

Scorpio has been revealing to us many parts of ourselves over these past few weeks, and some of those parts we may not particularly find attractive. This brilliant time is showing us these deep-seated wounds we have been calling cuts or scrapes over and over again, without accepting that these wounds are not a little scrape. They are so much more than that, and it is okay. It is important to address the wounds properly and take the time to tend to them and allow them to heal. If you had a huge gaping wound on your head, leg, arm, or realistically anywhere on your body, you would probably (Hopefully!) take some time to go to the hospital, and get some medical attention. There, they would stitch it up and you would rest and allow it to heal. When it comes to emotional wounds, we rarely give ourselves the proper care we need. We were probably told some dumb shit like go “suck it up” or “time heals” or “stop wasting all your time in the past”. We then decided, if I ever get a gaping wound, I will pretend as though it is all okay. I will pretend that it is just a scratch and maybe, just maybe it will heal itself. You’re not wrong, the body heals itself, and so does the emotional body, and they do so very rapidly. However, when you’re expecting a healing, you need to give yourself the proper conditions for healing to take place. When you sprained your ankle, you were told not to walk on it. You were probably told to rest. We are never told to rest after a breakup, or after going through verbal/physical/sexual/ abuse or trauma. In order to allow the emotional body to do its job, you must give yourself the right conditions for healing to take place. What are those conditions? Well for one, sleep is an amazing tool for healing both the physical and the non-physical. When you sleep, you rest your mind and allow the subconscious to kick in as the conscious mind takes a break. This is super healing for the emotional body, as, without any conscious mental activity, there is a significant lack of resistance to the emotional self. When there is no resistance, the emotional self can be free-flowing, which is its natural state. Meditation, Yoga, and just self-contemplation are all extremely valuable healing tools for the emotional body.

A little more along the lines of Astrology…

Venus in Scorpio is highlighting the deep wounds we have long hidden away and asking us to take the time to heal them. Time does not really exist, therefore, it cannot be that which heals. It is this moment, this very single moment that heals all wounds, cleanses all pains, and opens that hurting heart. When you take time to be present, slow down and really tune into your body, and intuition, you will be enlightened with many different areas that need healing. You may have been experiencing dramatic mood swings, as you are feeling these wounds be energetically and emotionally purged out of your body. There may even be newer wounds forming in light of more recent lessons and experiences. Again, I tell you, this is okay. You are supposed to be experiencing this, you are supposed to be experiencing all that you allow yourself to experience. So many times, however, we do not allow ourselves to feel. We block off what society, our parents and generations have deemed as “bad” or “negative” feelings. We are not “supposed” to feel unhappy. The irony is, most people feel that way all the time as a direct result of not expressing that feeling in the moment. They lock it away expecting it to shrink down and disappear. All that does is make it more volatile and explosive. Emotions are not meant to be stored in the mind, or the body. They are meant to be experienced and learnt from in the moment. We give ourselves enriching experiences of suffering, saying “it’s meant to happen” or “it’s fate”, forgetting we are the ones in control.

The key to ending all emotional suffering at this time is to:




Surrender to the moment, as it is, don’t think about it. Do not try to escape the moment as much as you want to. At first, it is extremely uncomfortable, as is any new experience. Be present, be calm, and just non-judgementally relax into the flow of the Universe, and it soon feels a little less uncomfortable. It begins to feel warm, it begins to feel like home. It begins to become comfortable. If there is one theme, to sum up Scorpio season it would be: “Making the uncomfortable, comfortable.”

We also have the Sun and the Moon placing this extremely beautiful and unified light on the areas that we are holding onto grief, fear, anxiety and deep sorrows. It is this pair of Yin and Yang illuminating the old, false-self which is peeling away. This can be a difficult process because we have had this belief, thought-form or wound for a while, and it can feel like it is stuck on pretty good. With enough attention and awareness to this area though, it removes itself very naturally and efficiently. We also have the awareness of the ego on the opposite end of the spectrum also being shown to us by the Sun, Moon and Venus. Instead of not wanting to feel, and wanting to escape this moment by going to the future or fantasy, which is the typical human tendency, we have the other side, which is wallowing in the past. The Shadow side of Scorpio Energy really accentuates victimization, bouncing back and forth between ignoring the pain and “moving on” or wallowing in the pain, leading to the manipulation of sympathy. Learning to find that balance, which is literally right here, right now in the present moment, is key to fulfilling the lesson of transformation and rebirth Scorpio give us.

Becoming more aware of this intense energy in the moment can feel like it has been ripping us to shreds. We begin to enter the process of using these wounds, and deep lessons as building blocks for the stable foundations of a new found authentic life. It is the old self that has experienced a death, and the new self, the present self, that has been reborn. Enter Jupiter in Scorpio. You take all this excess emotional energy from Venus and the Moon in Scorpio and throw in the blazing light called the Sun which is just amplifying all that is. Then you add a heaping amount of Jupiter into the mix, and the recipe is the illumination of the soul’s path. Jupiter is showing us how to take what we have, and mold it into something beautiful. Remember gratitude for all that you currently are experiencing, will only attract more enriching and abundant experiences. Take this new awareness and create with it. Use it to fuel your willpower, your endeavours, your passions. As one of my favourite entrepreneur’s Gary Vaynerchuk says: “Double Down on your strengths!” Now is the time for building yourself, inside and out, and watching your whole reality change in front of your eyes. Don’t think about how long it will take, don’t worry about the endless potentials. Be present, put in the work, and get ready to be blasted into this pursuit of passion!


Nov 18, 2017 at 6:42 am is when it officially enters into the New Moon Phase, but the Moon enters Scorpio at 3:18AM tomorrow morning (Nov.16). This is when we start to feel the intensity of the New Moon Energy as it begins to create this manifestation vortex. Through ritual, meditation, mantra, breathing, and ceremony or a combination of all that were listed will help to direct these intense energies we are feeling. Remember, with all these planets in Scorpio, they are being heavily ruled by Pluto which is the planet of death, rebirth and transformation in Capricorn the sign of the go-getters and the leaders. There is this intense pressure to get everything done at once, which is utter insanity. Take the time to just build, and develop the best you possible. The Capricorn becomes more grounded when they have a set route and plan of action. Knowing what you want, is the key to receiving what you desire.

Capricorn: You can never be fulfilled if you do not take the time to know or even wish to learn that which fulfils you.

This is a time of reflection, heightened intuition and really taking the time to be patient and calm with the innermost self at this time. Find the inner child, learn from him/her, experience your heart centre. Experience your soul, and bask in the purity of presence. You are worthy of this experience, you are so worthy.

We are naked, out in the open, and anxious but deep down, there is this innate stillness. This may be a new feeling to some of you reading this, for others this may feel extremely familiar. A feeling of coming home. It is in a sense, coming home. We are now coming into our being, some perhaps for the first time, others it seems like coming out of hibernation. We are getting ready to step forward and make our mark. There is still healing to do, and there is still work to be done, but there is truly no better time than now. If you take the time to put in the work and truly learn the lessons your soul is sharing with you at this time, you will experience this rebirth that you have so been ready for. You will experience presence, non-judgement, and ultimately inner peace.

Get past the stinger, crack through the shell, and inside this intimidating Scorpion you find a soft interior. Crack through the shell of all that is not you, and all that is blocking your natural rhythmic flow, and you will be lead to stillness and softness.

Happy New Moon dear ones.

May all beings everywhere open themselves up to the unconditional love, happiness, freedom and stillness of their heart, by their own free will. So Mote Be.