New Moon of Illumination in Scorpio

Scorpio ♏ Season. It’s been an intense month, to say the least, and here we are coming into the New Moon! New Moon’s mark the end of one season, and the beginning of a next.

Scorpio has been revealing to us many parts of ourselves over these past few weeks, and some of those parts we may not particularly find attractive. This brilliant time is showing us these deep-seated wounds we have been calling cuts or scrapes over and over again, without accepting that these wounds are not a little scrape. They are so much more than that, and it is okay. It is important to address the wounds properly and take the time to tend to them and allow them to heal. If you had a huge gaping wound on your head, leg, arm, or realistically anywhere on your body, you would probably (Hopefully!) take some time to go to the hospital, and get some medical attention. There, they would stitch it up and you would rest and allow it to heal. When it comes to emotional wounds, we rarely give ourselves the proper care we need. We were probably told some dumb shit like go “suck it up” or “time heals” or “stop wasting all your time in the past”. We then decided, if I ever get a gaping wound, I will pretend as though it is all okay. I will pretend that it is just a scratch and maybe, just maybe it will heal itself. You’re not wrong, the body heals itself, and so does the emotional body, and they do so very rapidly. However, when you’re expecting a healing, you need to give yourself the proper conditions for healing to take place. When you sprained your ankle, you were told not to walk on it. You were probably told to rest. We are never told to rest after a breakup, or after going through verbal/physical/sexual/ abuse or trauma. In order to allow the emotional body to do its job, you must give yourself the right conditions for healing to take place. What are those conditions? Well for one, sleep is an amazing tool for healing both the physical and the non-physical. When you sleep, you rest your mind and allow the subconscious to kick in as the conscious mind takes a break. This is super healing for the emotional body, as, without any conscious mental activity, there is a significant lack of resistance to the emotional self. When there is no resistance, the emotional self can be free-flowing, which is its natural state. Meditation, Yoga, and just self-contemplation are all extremely valuable healing tools for the emotional body.

A little more along the lines of Astrology…

Venus in Scorpio is highlighting the deep wounds we have long hidden away and asking us to take the time to heal them. Time does not really exist, therefore, it cannot be that which heals. It is this moment, this very single moment that heals all wounds, cleanses all pains, and opens that hurting heart. When you take time to be present, slow down and really tune into your body, and intuition, you will be enlightened with many different areas that need healing. You may have been experiencing dramatic mood swings, as you are feeling these wounds be energetically and emotionally purged out of your body. There may even be newer wounds forming in light of more recent lessons and experiences. Again, I tell you, this is okay. You are supposed to be experiencing this, you are supposed to be experiencing all that you allow yourself to experience. So many times, however, we do not allow ourselves to feel. We block off what society, our parents and generations have deemed as “bad” or “negative” feelings. We are not “supposed” to feel unhappy. The irony is, most people feel that way all the time as a direct result of not expressing that feeling in the moment. They lock it away expecting it to shrink down and disappear. All that does is make it more volatile and explosive. Emotions are not meant to be stored in the mind, or the body. They are meant to be experienced and learnt from in the moment. We give ourselves enriching experiences of suffering, saying “it’s meant to happen” or “it’s fate”, forgetting we are the ones in control.

The key to ending all emotional suffering at this time is to:




Surrender to the moment, as it is, don’t think about it. Do not try to escape the moment as much as you want to. At first, it is extremely uncomfortable, as is any new experience. Be present, be calm, and just non-judgementally relax into the flow of the Universe, and it soon feels a little less uncomfortable. It begins to feel warm, it begins to feel like home. It begins to become comfortable. If there is one theme, to sum up Scorpio season it would be: “Making the uncomfortable, comfortable.”

We also have the Sun and the Moon placing this extremely beautiful and unified light on the areas that we are holding onto grief, fear, anxiety and deep sorrows. It is this pair of Yin and Yang illuminating the old, false-self which is peeling away. This can be a difficult process because we have had this belief, thought-form or wound for a while, and it can feel like it is stuck on pretty good. With enough attention and awareness to this area though, it removes itself very naturally and efficiently. We also have the awareness of the ego on the opposite end of the spectrum also being shown to us by the Sun, Moon and Venus. Instead of not wanting to feel, and wanting to escape this moment by going to the future or fantasy, which is the typical human tendency, we have the other side, which is wallowing in the past. The Shadow side of Scorpio Energy really accentuates victimization, bouncing back and forth between ignoring the pain and “moving on” or wallowing in the pain, leading to the manipulation of sympathy. Learning to find that balance, which is literally right here, right now in the present moment, is key to fulfilling the lesson of transformation and rebirth Scorpio give us.

Becoming more aware of this intense energy in the moment can feel like it has been ripping us to shreds. We begin to enter the process of using these wounds, and deep lessons as building blocks for the stable foundations of a new found authentic life. It is the old self that has experienced a death, and the new self, the present self, that has been reborn. Enter Jupiter in Scorpio. You take all this excess emotional energy from Venus and the Moon in Scorpio and throw in the blazing light called the Sun which is just amplifying all that is. Then you add a heaping amount of Jupiter into the mix, and the recipe is the illumination of the soul’s path. Jupiter is showing us how to take what we have, and mold it into something beautiful. Remember gratitude for all that you currently are experiencing, will only attract more enriching and abundant experiences. Take this new awareness and create with it. Use it to fuel your willpower, your endeavours, your passions. As one of my favourite entrepreneur’s Gary Vaynerchuk says: “Double Down on your strengths!” Now is the time for building yourself, inside and out, and watching your whole reality change in front of your eyes. Don’t think about how long it will take, don’t worry about the endless potentials. Be present, put in the work, and get ready to be blasted into this pursuit of passion!


Nov 18, 2017 at 6:42 am is when it officially enters into the New Moon Phase, but the Moon enters Scorpio at 3:18AM tomorrow morning (Nov.16). This is when we start to feel the intensity of the New Moon Energy as it begins to create this manifestation vortex. Through ritual, meditation, mantra, breathing, and ceremony or a combination of all that were listed will help to direct these intense energies we are feeling. Remember, with all these planets in Scorpio, they are being heavily ruled by Pluto which is the planet of death, rebirth and transformation in Capricorn the sign of the go-getters and the leaders. There is this intense pressure to get everything done at once, which is utter insanity. Take the time to just build, and develop the best you possible. The Capricorn becomes more grounded when they have a set route and plan of action. Knowing what you want, is the key to receiving what you desire.

Capricorn: You can never be fulfilled if you do not take the time to know or even wish to learn that which fulfils you.

This is a time of reflection, heightened intuition and really taking the time to be patient and calm with the innermost self at this time. Find the inner child, learn from him/her, experience your heart centre. Experience your soul, and bask in the purity of presence. You are worthy of this experience, you are so worthy.

We are naked, out in the open, and anxious but deep down, there is this innate stillness. This may be a new feeling to some of you reading this, for others this may feel extremely familiar. A feeling of coming home. It is in a sense, coming home. We are now coming into our being, some perhaps for the first time, others it seems like coming out of hibernation. We are getting ready to step forward and make our mark. There is still healing to do, and there is still work to be done, but there is truly no better time than now. If you take the time to put in the work and truly learn the lessons your soul is sharing with you at this time, you will experience this rebirth that you have so been ready for. You will experience presence, non-judgement, and ultimately inner peace.

Get past the stinger, crack through the shell, and inside this intimidating Scorpion you find a soft interior. Crack through the shell of all that is not you, and all that is blocking your natural rhythmic flow, and you will be lead to stillness and softness.

Happy New Moon dear ones.

May all beings everywhere open themselves up to the unconditional love, happiness, freedom and stillness of their heart, by their own free will. So Mote Be.


My 40-Day Redesign Challenge

It has been a little while since I have last posted, and so I am making an update! I am going to be participating in a 40-Day Redesign Challenge. This challenge is meant to redesign old thought patterns, belief systems, understand new experiences and evolve as it helps each individual become a clear channel for The Divine to work out of. Bentinho Massaro is hosting this powerful challenge. My intention for this time is to start placing my time and effort into all that I wish to prioritize, as well as really allow myself to develop my creativity, and allow that to guide the way! This is going to be a powerful time for me. I am going to be flying out to Greece for a month to stay by myself and really work on me, as well as expand my business and brand online in a more sustainable way. During this 40-Day Period (Sept. 24th-Nov. 3rd) I will be posting daily videos on the current Astrology, updates on Me and my process of creating some new e-courses, as well as redesigning my brand and setting myself up for only online services. I am just becoming a transparent beacon of light, and I am thrilled to be able to share that with so many loving people! I have some AMAZING things planned, and many more still brainstorming. So stay tuned for Online Meditations, E-Courses, Classes, Retreats and more!!

This next year is going to be an amazing year for change, manifestation, and pursuit of passions. I have begun to feel it now since we have had a Grand Fire Trine happening between The North Node, Saturn and Uranus. This is a time for change, as The North Node which rules your life mission, lessons, and purpose this lifetime, is at a Grand Trine in the sign of Leo with Uranus in Aries and Saturn in Sagittarius! Uranus is influencing our vision, our connection to purpose and soul in a much more direct and perhaps even an aggressive wave of change, while Saturn is showing us all the areas we are lacking movement, and allowing us to finally understand what freedom on a soul level is. Fire is passion, pursuit, change, manifestation, and energy. It is creation, and that is exactly how the collective is feeling right now! It is time to CREATE this new chapter in our lives! It is important to take it easy during this time, channel these creative ideas, allow these new insights, and downloads to take place, but do not burn yourself out! It is important to ground, and create a sustaining relationship with all this fire energy. Fire is known to be impulsive, and burn you if you are not weary. You must respect this energy right now, and it will respect you by allowing for the alignment of your manifestations to take place. Just like the forest must burn the old, so that the new growth may blossom from it, and like the Phoenix from the Ashes we rise. This is a time of allowing with dignity, and assertiveness, the past to be let go of, and welcome in the life you desire. This is a life you create, this is a life you have manifested. Let go of all that drags you down, and have courage as you enter in a new era. This begins with a 3-year cycle. During the next 3 years, you will be undergoing an INTENSE transformation as we finally step into our divine place in the cosmos, we undergo many initiations, challenging lessons, and huge amounts of growth within small amounts of linear time. Surrender to the flow of your heart, the wind that carries you, that supports you. This is the Divine moving through you, experiencing you, while you finally experience what a limitless experience is truly like. I am ready for this challenge, and I am ready now.

May all beings everywhere be happy and free.

Much Love,

Will Nicholls

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Co-existing during this time of Ascension

We are here incarnated as human beings for the sole purpose of becoming separated from God, only to discover that we are in fact God. We are meant to discover the truth, that we are all one. We are consciousness experiencing itself through various different lenses of perception. The way I see the Universe is different from the way you see the Universe. We have different lenses. Physically we have different DNA, our cells in our retinas are slightly different. You may have blue eyes, while I have brown eyes. You may wear glasses, while I have 20/20 vision. What you experience and what I experience may be very similar, but they are still different. By now you are probably beginning to wonder why this difference even matters. The answer is very simple, we are unique expressions of consciousness. We are not meant to compare ourselves. We are not comparable to begin with. If you see things from a unity point of view, we are one, and therefore one cannot compare oneself with oneself. You need another example, another piece of information to compare. If we are all one there is nothing to compare. However, if we are seeing things from a place of duality, we compare ourselves because we believe that someone, or something, outside of ourselves is better or worse than we are. Good, Bad. Positive, Negative. Light, Dark. Yin, Yang. This is the very nature of duality, however that is not the point of duality. The point is to recognize coexistence THROUGH duality, in order to ascend to a higher level of consciousness. The purpose of duality is to teach us how to see that everything compliments everything, while being completely unique. Without the light, there cannot be dark to recognize the two in the first place. Without the negative, there can be no positive, as there would be nothing to compare it to.

Now, we hear this phrase “we are all one”, but what the hell does that mean? If you do not understand duality, you cannot possibly begin to fathom unity. Understanding dualiy means recognizing that in order to create the unique expression that you embody, there must be some contrast in order to understand that. You cannot understand your divine nature without learning what definitely is NOT divine. You cannot understand what is Love, without first recognizing what is NOT Love. You cannot understand what is, without first understanding what is not. How else do you know what you truly desire? You learn by experiencing what you definitely DO NOT want! Now this is all fun and dandy to experience, but what most people…even the most spiritual people do not understand is that there is more to the experience than just awareness of duality. Many people stay in the duality mindset and never grow out of that. Believing that the awareness of contrast is the end goal, however it is not. One important thing I have learned on my journey is that there is NEVER an end goal, there is always the current goal. “What is my current goal or intention in this moment?” That is the goal to end all goals, because you realize right then and there that there is no such thing as an end goal. There is always learning to be done, always thoughts to be thunk, and always experiences to be had!

So, now that I have understood duality, how do I get to a place of recognizing unity? Well this is the tricky part in this lifetime. When we were born, we also gave birth to an ego. Many of us “spiritual” people want nothing more than the ego to be destroyed. We all go through that phase, where we are obsessed with ego death. Perhaps dabbling in psychedelic experiences to fantasize what it would be like to not have an ego. Well here is the fun part, your ego is your inner child. When you nurture, love, and tame that wild child, you enter a state of harmony within your being. Truthfully, the only enemy we have is our ego, and the bigger mind-fuck behind that is that the ego can be our greatest ally during our time here. Would you let a child drive your car? No. Would you let a child tell you what to do? Probably not. Would you verbally abuse a child? I hope not. Would you let a child verbally abuse you? No. Would you try to kill a child? No. So why do you let your inner child, your scared little ego, do all of those things? Why do you abuse your child? Why do you make your child your enemy? When you come to terms with yourself, and you recognize your inner child is a part of you, but it does not define you, you recognize that you are much more than you were ever taught. Now I speak of the ego as an inner child, however when you hear inner child you probably think of your heart, or your higher self. This is where things get interesting… When you recognize that you have two children inside of you, one who has been created by you (ego), and one who is you (heart or higher self), your awareness changes. It is in this moment you begin to understand unity. It creates a little trigger within your awareness which allows you to understand that the purpose of creating a child (ego) was to better get in touch with yourself. To heal the inner child is to create unity between heart and mind. Ego, and soul. They coexist as one in this lifetime. It is up to you to decide whether or not you wish to perceive yourself as duality or as unity.

There is no such thing as ego death. You cannot kill what does not exist. Ego is an illusion, it is a reflection meant to show you the parts of yourself where you have not yet fully accepted yourself or your experience. When you deny your experience, when you deny yourself the truth, ego comes out and starts playing games. You feed it, you let it push you around. The Ego needs to know your boundaries, it needs to know what you will and will not tolerate. Why? Because YOU need to know your boundaries, you need to know what you will and will not tolerate. The ego is your number one greatest teacher, or guru on earth. When you have learned all you are meant to learn from it, you become one with yourself. It is in this moment, when you gain full present awareness. The ego judges, it protects, it fears. When you are fully present and aware, there is nothing to judge, nothing to protect from, and nothing to fear. Mindfulness is love. When you are mindful, you are finally experiencing your experience as it is. Non-judgmentally, no fear, just pure experience.

So, how do I get to the point of pure experience? How do I get to the point of unity consciousness?

Make friends with your ego. Listen to the voice in your head and recognize when it is fear or love speaking. Recognize when the voice is filled with judgement, or wisdom. Recognize whether right now in this moment, you are fully present or have other things on your mind. Get to the point where you are not scared of your ego. You are the one who consciously controls the reaction you have to the circumstances you manifest every second of every day. Who are you going to let steer your ship?

I will make a point that it is important not to get mad or frustrated at the ego. Treat it like you would when disciplining a child. Set your boundaries, be assertive with your own personal truths. You ARE worthy. You ARE beautiful. You ARE amazing. You ARE unique.

There is no person, place or thing in which you can compare the unique expression of your soul to. For you are comparing God with God. You are comparing the incomparable. Remember that next time you compare yourself to your friends, family, or hear someone else comparing themselves.

Wake up, smell those roses, chant a big “Fuck YEAH!” for being alive and bask in the intrinsic beauty of the present moment.

The Pedestal

The following entry is written based on my personal experiences. While I do not practice one particular religion, I acknowledge that all forms of religion have different philosophies with many common traits. The most common trait that sometimes gets distorted is the message of Love. That is what I am going to be talking about. Please do not make any assumptions after reading this. Think, educate, research and read for yourself. May this guide or influence you into beginning a journey of understanding. May you continue to learn more about yourself, and your purpose. Namaste.

Day to day, we humans have this idealism where we put others, and ourselves on a pedestal. You’re probably thinking… “What the hell does that mean?!” Well, to put someone on a pedestal, we put them in a place that is not real. To place someone on a pedestal means to have a high and false expectation of someone. We place someone in a fictional reality on this high pedestal of expectations and then get frustrated when they fail to meet our expectations. The earliest example of this is perhaps in our Mothers and Fathers. At a young age, we naturally look up to them, and have this image in our head that they are superheroes and that they are perfect and divine and don’t make mistakes. This may be more prominent in some people’s parental relationships than others, but overall we have in some way this positive image of our parents. They are our first teachers, our first friends; they are our role models after all. And then slowly over time, as we grow, and come to our own understandings, we come to a realization that they are not as high and mighty as we once assumed they were. When they fail to meet our expectations, for example, they disagree with us going out too late, or have opposing viewpoints on certain topics; they begin to fall off of our pedestal. When this happens, we freak out. We do not understand why they act in this way. We have this assumption that they knew and understood us so well, and now it feels like they have no idea who we are. How could these perfect beings not live up to our expectations? It just doesn’t make sense! …Actually it does, we just need to step back and see the bigger picture. In our teen years, we make this switch from having high expectations to having extremely low assumptions and come to think that our parents no longer know anything relevant to our lives. When we do this we throw them off the pedestal and leave them on the floor because they didn’t live up to what WE expected. This is not the correct thing to do either. When we throw someone off the pedestal, we are just getting mad at ourselves. We begin to feel like they have betrayed us, or that they have done something wrong. In their realities, they were just doing something they always do and cannot see the wrong in it, or perhaps they made a mistake. But even then, this is no reason to get mad or angry and throw them off the pedestal. They are probably wondering what is wrong with you, and want to know what is going on in your head, yet we push them away through this act of removing them off the pedestal in a harsh means.

So what is so bad about doing this? How can we change this way of thinking? The sad part about having this mentality is that we can go our whole lives thinking the world is against us, and believing everyone is out to do us wrong. This is utterly false. The world is a beautiful place, but it all depends on your mentality. To remove someone from their pedestal is to remove ALL EXPECTATIONS from someone. We don’t want to throw them on the floor, because the act of doing so is also equally limiting and equally an expectation. When we expect someone to do bad, or to be opposed to our ways of thinking, most of the time they will live up to that standard. Expectations high or low are the real enemy. That is because as soon as we have an expectation, we create a limitation. Either on ourselves or on others, and we are not here to limit. Our only limitations are the limitations we perceive and set on ourselves. We are here to be radiant and be flowing with life, and to be abundant. We are here to love. We are here to be happy. So, when we place someone on the floor, we set their limit, and they can go no higher from where we limit them as…in our reality. Now, someone who is present and knows themselves and their total worth will not be moved by this. But the average person really is not truly present, does not truly know themselves or their worth. So the average person is easily affected by this act of low expectations. The assumption that someone will never change and that someone will always be their worst is a very harmful assumption. You not only limit yourself by creating such an assumption, but you also can limit that person if they are not yet at the point where they feel like they totally know themselves. An individual, who is not yet at the point in life where they are unaffected by outward remarks, can have a real hard time with this. We begin to force our realities on those of which we throw on the floor, and if they choose to believe it, it then comes true in not only our realities, but theirs as well. The same thing happens when we place someone high on a pedestal; they can do no wrong, they can make no mistakes. However, we are humans and we make mistakes. That is how we evolve, and that is how we learn. Without mistakes, there is no room for improvement. We cannot improve something if we believe it to be perfect. Likewise, we cannot become the empowered and divinely perfect selves we are meant to be if we believe we are totally imperfect. The key is always balance. So, the first step in changing this way of thinking is to remove someone gently from the pedestal in which you placed them on. Release those heavily attached expectations. And the very moment you do that, you allow that person the freedom to be their highest potential. You allow that person to stand on their own two feet and meet you as an equal, which is what they truly are. We are all equal. They are not higher or lower than you, nor are you higher or lower than them.  If you have heavily attached expectations of yourself, release them, and allow yourself to be your highest potential. When you change the way that you have thought for so long, you allow yourself to live in reality, true reality. What is true reality? True reality is the present moment. Not the future to come, not what has happened to you before, but this Moment…right now. This is all that matters, this is true reality. When we begin to live in true, present reality and see things for all that they are, we begin to truly change on a mental, emotional and spiritual level. This change, realization and even epiphany has a huge impact on our lives. The true realization though, is bringing awareness of when you are placing these expectations or limitations on someone or yourself. This awareness of yourself and the moments when your egoic need for control kicks in will happen slowly, maybe once or twice a day you will experience a time when you are aware of where your ego was poking out. This happens more frequently, until it becomes all day every day that you notice the parts of yourself that are not living to your highest potential. Slowly, you begin to cease placing those expectations at all. You then begin to truly be able to live moment to moment, experiencing what is happening as opposed to what has happened or what is about to happen. That is total presence. This is living in the moment. This is alignment with your highest potential.

So now, how is it we actually live out the realization of not placing expectations on someone or something? How do we make this connection that what we are doing is not reality? It starts with the daily calming of the mind. When the mind is calm, you are able to cultivate your thoughts and feelings in a more clear and concise way. You are able to raise your own awareness and place that awareness on what you are doing, and how you are acting. So the first step is mindfulness. When you are mindful, you are able to know what it is you want, and you are able to begin to see what your reality is, truly, for the first time. Meditation helps with that, so does Yoga, but to start you just simply need to breathe. When you breathe deeply and mindfully, focusing on just your breath, you automatically meditate and find the present moment: True Reality. Breath is presence. When you are beginning to become aware of your habits and expectations, the best thing you can do is to begin to breathe. In Hindu culture, the word Prana means both breath and life force. They are one in the same. When you breathe you become alive and aware. Once you have become aware of your breath and gained a few moments of presence in your life, you will slowly begin to become aware of the expectations you put on others and yourself. The next step after mindfulness is to recognize the self. This comes alongside mindfulness, but in order to know the Self and to recognize yourself, you must be mindful. So what does it mean to know yourself? To know oneself is our sole purpose here. That is it. Doesn’t life seem so much simpler when we put it like that? Many of us don’t believe this, and thus have no sense of self. When we have no sense of self, we tend to place our sense of self in other people, and place our soul in our relationships. We also commonly place our definition of self in the future or the past. Yet, if we have no sense of self within our relationships, or anywhere else but the present, how can we expect to grow and thrive and have more positivity within our life? We need to create our own sense of self in order to feel fulfilled in any area of our lives. Finding self is the ultimate goal isn’t it? How do we find self? We first need to understand why we are here and what we want. What are your interests? What are your goals? What do you wake up excited to do? If it makes it easier, I encourage you to write down your interests, likes, wants and goals. Begin to relearn who you are, and what you are here for. Those interests, and goals, are your purpose.  Having a sense of purpose helps us understand who we are. How can we expect to understand who we are if we feel unsure of our purpose? It just does not happen. So once we begin to know and feel our purpose, and know our needs and wants. What comes next? The next step is to feel fulfilled in all that you do, to be happy for just being you. Gratitude is a key part of understanding and finding self. Gratitude is total acceptance and appreciation for all that is. When we accept and feel grateful for all that we are, all that has happened to us and all that will happen; we begin the process of removing expectations. This is such a key component in this process, because when we are able to accept our circumstances, we take responsibility for ourselves. When we are responsible for our actions and thoughts, we truly begin to know ourselves; we take responsibility and begin to see the areas in we are not content with. When we are able to accept those areas, we gain a higher perspective and this awareness allows for change. Change allows for the removal of expectations through realizations. The removal of expectations allows us to live a more fulfilled life, and allows us to truly know who we are. We see reality for what it is… this moment that we created. Reality is a complete reflection of our perception. We all coexist in each other’s realities but our own reality is completely different than our neighbours. When we become aware of our reality, and aware of the level of control we truly have, we gain a profound understanding of ourselves and of life as well. We begin to know our purpose, feel more alive and happy, and become more aware of our surroundings. We no longer judge our current circumstances and reality based on our past. We no longer live our days and place our sense of self in the future. We become the now. This glorious phrase has been told to us by many enlightened prophets, and will continue to be told until everyone truly understands what it means. To live in the now, is to remove all limitations and expectations of our reality. If we are not present in our lives, we cannot truly know ourselves. If we are not present, we cannot claim back conscious control over our lives and take the necessary steps to change it. The paradox is that we are in total control, but we are not in total control. The meaning of total control is not to try and take on the world by ourselves. What I mean by control is the understanding that this higher power, God or The Creator is in total control of the flow of the Universe. We are co-creators of our realities. This is the “Secret” talked about in the famous book and many philosophers and great minds talked about over many millennia. We manifest our reality, but the Universe is totally in control. When I say: “We are in control of our reality”, it means to understand that we are not in control, we provide the direction, while the Universe or God, provides the power. We steer the ship but we are not in control of the wind. We just harness it, follow the flow, and trust that it will always be there to take us where we need to be. We learn how to navigate, learn the rules of the sea, and know our vessel inside and out. We set the destination, and we know we will be taken there. Now for most of us, we do not do this consciously, it is a subconscious means of direction, but the trick is to make it conscious. We all have that power. We are divine, after all. We are made in the image of the creator, we are energy. We are consciousness. We have the free will to think, and do anything we choose, which means that we have the freewill to believe we are not in control of our environment, and that the world is a horrible place. But this also means we have the free will to make it a beautiful place, to see that it is a beautiful place, and affirm and create the beautiful place we so desperately want. This all begins with removing limitations on others and ourselves.  Wayne Dyer once said, “I am realistic, I expect miracles.” I truly believe that when we remove limitations, begin to believe and have the courage to admit that we are responsible for our environment and our state of mind, we will truly see miracles. We will truly know ourselves and we will truly be present. That is the goal of life after all isn’t it? If you died tomorrow would you feel like you knew yourself well enough? Would you feel like you lived today with purpose? Would you feel content with your current outlooks and mentalities? If not, then change them. You can do it, and it doesn’t happen overnight. This is a constant battle, a constant game… but the more you want to change it, the more you want to co-create and co-exist in this beautiful world, the easier it gets. You are in control. You are limitless, so don’t set limits on yourself or others. But don’t take my word for it, search within. Find the truth yourself. I am on this journey now, and it is far from over, but boy, has my life taken a turn since coming to this realization.

Trust yourself, know yourself, be yourself, accept yourself, and listen to yourself. Only you know what is right for you, and only you can truly know yourself. Do not place your happiness or sense of self in others, for you will only be disappointed. Live out your message, and be true to who you are. This is all that we are meant to do. Our sole purpose is to live, love and learn. If you are to take anything out of this post, it would be just that. Live your life, love your life, and learn about yourself. Do not worry about others, and do not place unrealistic expectations and limitations on others, place all your trust and all your beliefs and all your expectations, in yourself. You are limitless. Go find out what that truly means, and discover yourself. That is how you remove the mentality of putting others and yourself on a pedestal.

How to live out of Love and remove your limitations… First Entry!

The following is written based on my personal experiences. While I do not belong to any one religious institution, I acknowledge all forms of religion to have various perspectives with many common traits. The most common trait that sometimes gets distorted is the message of Love. That is what I am going to be talking about. Please do not make any assumptions after reading this. Think for yourself, educate yourself, read a book, do some research, but may this guide or initiate you into a beginning journey of understanding. May you continue to learn more about yourself, and your purpose. Namaste.

Everyone believes in something. Even the belief of nothing is a belief in something. If you are a firm believer in a specific way of life, I ask that you always continue to question yourself, your institution, and the meaning of life, for you will only reaffirm your true beliefs by doing so. And if perhaps you are not yet in a place where you can put a definition on what it is you believe in, which is the case for a high number of people, than perhaps this may aid you in beginning your journey. Until then, fear not for many people go their whole lives believing someone else’s beliefs instead of searching for their own answers. And that is okay! We are all on different paths, with different purposes, at different levels…but we are all here, learning, and experiencing this great vast reality we call Life. So now, let us explore this idea of Living out of Love, as opposed to fear.

BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! Wake up time! 7:55am. I go pee, brush my teeth, have a quick shower to wake me up and get me started for the day. Dry my body off. Get Dressed. Eat breakfast, take my coffee to go. Damn, its 8:45am already! I’m going to be late. Ugh, not again. Get to work (NOT) on time at 9:12am. Time to pretend my life isn’t miserable for a few hours. Punch in. Begin days work. Ah! 12:30 already. Lunch Time. 1:00pm, lunch is over, punch back in. Continue to act like I don’t hate every second of this. Woohoo! Its 5:00pm. Time to punch out and go home. Get stuck in traffic for an hour. Make it home by 6:15, realize fridge is empty. Pizza for the 4th day in a row. Great. I’ll just watch some TV while I eat. Have a few beers, and damn its Midnight already? Better get off to bed. Got another 4 days till the weekend.

Can you believe some people live like this? You probably can, because that is probably a similar, slightly more or less dramatic version of your past or current everyday life. Do you ever feel as though there has to be more than this. The constant routine of eat, sleep, stress, repeat is this frigid bubble we live in. This is known as fear based living. Fact of the matter is we are constantly in fear…of everything. We fear time, we fear the idea of not being in alignment with this linear system the world seemed to adopt so adamantly. We turn on the news and see fear, hear fear, feel fear. We fear change, we fear embarrassment, we fear ourselves, and we fear others. We love to live in this small, comfy and cozy bubble of fear. We do everything in our power to stay in this bubble of fear. We stay in bad relationships because we fear what might happen if there is change. We fear doing things that we have never done before. We fear life. We fear death, oh do we fear death. We crave this comfort. We want, as a whole species nothing more than to be comfortable. The most ironic part is as much as we love our comfort, our TVs, our cars, our fast food, our houses, our jobs; we do not really know what comfort is. We have this idea of what we think want, this false image of control which we think we have. But we do not. We want what society wants. We believe we are in control until something happens that shows us we are not. We let our jobs, our friends, our family, our country, our government, the media, even our children, control us. We have no sense of what it means to be in control, and that scares us. We hold onto our fears, our habits, our “comforts” because it is all we know. And we get to the point where we are so consumed with fear, so distraught that we will fight as if our lives depended on it, in order to gain back this false illusion of control. Many of us get to the point where we believe our fears are a part of us, we believe our habits, our routines, are who we are. And that is beyond false. It is one of the greatest acts of illusions ever to occur on earth. Our fear is not us, but this protective voice in our heads many psychologists have called, the Ego. Now, the idea of ego is quite a paradox. While our ego is a part of us, we are not our ego. We are not defined by fear. We are not defined by our habits that have gained control over us. We are not defined by our past experiences good or bad. No. We are defined by who we are at the present moment. Right here, Right now. We are an ever changing being, whom is indefinable. If you were to take one piece of information back from this post, (hopefully you learn more,) then take this: You are not a definition of your past, you are not what you strive to be, you are what you are right here in the present. Every second we change, literally at a cellular level, but also at a mental, emotional and spiritual level. We are in constant thought, we are always changing. This universe is constantly changing, for if nothing changed, nothing could be created or destroyed. The only singular thing that stays the same throughout time is Love. Not your ideas surrounding love, not the person that you love, not the thing that you “love” or any form of attachment to an idea of love, but the act of love itself. Love is timeless, and universal. It is the infinite. It is both creation and destruction, both light and dark, yin and yang. Love is all that truly is.

What is love? It is perhaps one of the most philosophical questions of all time. How do you define something that is indefinable? For it too is perceived in various ways. We have ideas surrounding it, expectations, and limitations. But Love itself is none of that. Love is total appreciation of all. Love is total acceptance of all that is. When you begin to accept and appreciate everything that is, starting with yourself, you begin to feel what love is. You begin to start a journey of understanding as to what exactly this wild and crazy thing called Love is. When you begin to see Love for what it truly is, without limitations or expectations, you begin to live out of Love. You begin to gain a sense of understanding. This supreme understanding is brought on by accepting all that is, and understanding that the act of accepting all that is, is love itself. Now, you may have an idea of what you perceive love to be, and that is not to be discredited. In your reality, that is one hundred percent true. But in someone else’s reality that may or may not be true. We define things based on experiences. What we know with all our heart to be truth is exactly such, until we begin to question that. Doesn’t that sound scary? Well when we question things, we get answers. Now before we continue, let’s go back to the idea of fear.

Think about what it is you fear most. Do you fear death? Do you fear loss? Do you fear mistakes? Do you fear imperfection? Do you fear being humiliated? Do you fear a bad habit? Or maybe you fear a person who has done you wrong. We can split these fears into two ways, the first being a fear based on what has happened. This is the idea that we judge the day to day based on the past. We can do that with ourselves, feeling as though “Well if I did it in the past, I’ll do it again.” Or we may do that with others, judging someone based on our past expectations. The root of this is expectations. When you expect something to happen, or put your time and energy into fearing that something will happen, most of the time it happens. But more often than not, you are given experiences which exceed your expectations. These are learning experiences. They allow you to see that judging your present and future, based on the past is very silly. These experiences allow you to grow out of old patterns that have for so long haunted you. You may have experienced bouts of depression, or great unexplainable sadness. Perhaps you may have felt trapped in the nostalgia.  A fear of experiences and change. We fear the past because we have not yet addressed and accepted the pain we have endured. We have pushed it aside in hopes that maybe one day it will just disappear. But instead this builds up and creates shame, guilt and sadness. It is so important for you to know that you are ever changing, and a beautiful vast indefinable being. You are not your past. You are the right now. It seems hard to grasp, it seems so complex. In reality, it is simple… Love, that is all. The reason it doesn’t seem that way is because it is not what you have impressed upon yourself all this time. You have the power to change that. You are grand. You are mighty. You are Love.

The second aspect of fear is rooted in fear of potentiality. This may also come from your past, but it is the worry, the over thinking, the anxiety associated with the endless potentials that surround our daily lives. This mentality is the fear of the unknown. It stems from feeling a lack of control within our lives. We have this innate ability to evaluate all the alternatives; the problem is however, most of the time these outcomes are assumptions we make based on preconceived judgements, and chances are they may or may not even exist at all. The thoughts, “If I do this, what will that person think of me?” or “Should I say that? How will they react?” are entirely within our imagination. For while the concern of others does come naturally to many of us, when the lack of concern for ourselves and our mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing is overridden by the worry of other people and their personal opinions, that becomes fear. Fear tells us we need to bring the awareness back to ourselves. We may believe someone thinks a certain way, or may react a certain way, but they are themselves and we are ourselves. We cannot assume such a thing. This fear around what others perceive of us is a big deal. We believe that in order to be accepted in society, we must do this or that. When realistically, we subconsciously believe that by doing so, we ourselves will feel accepted. We are constantly chasing the false reality of the need to do anything and everything to feel accepted, loved or happy. When in actuality, we need to feel accepted and complete. We must feel loved and happy before we do anything we wish to feel fulfilled by. If we do not do that, we will constantly be searching for the next best thing, and we will place our happiness upon things, relationships and feelings. We fear the future because we wish to know all there is to know. We wish to be able to predict what is to come. We believe that by worrying about something, it will ease our uncertainty. If you take a step back however, and breathe for just a moment, you will see that worrying does nothing to aid us in this feeling of lack of control. It only makes it worse. We are divine beings. We are love. We are happiness. And while we experience sadness, loss, heartbreak, and self-loathing, these are experiences created to show us how beautiful we truly are. They show us how strong we are, how limitless we are. They are meant to make us look back and think, about how much we can overcome. When we can persevere through our limitations we set on ourselves, we come to an understanding that we truly are capable of anything.

Let’s elaborate a little more on the idea of understanding. Throughout history, blood has been shed over the act of telling people to think a certain way, or that their beliefs are wrong and they must abide to the majority beliefs in a particular area at that time. This does not create understanding. It is unexplained madness. If one is brought to an understanding, the reasoning behind their beliefs or methodologies (ON THEIR OWN TERMS) makes so much more sense. For the very act of questioning one’s own belief system, reaffirms, alters slightly or shatters their past beliefs for the better. When we resonate with information brought to us, it is because either consciously or subconsciously we understand it. Sometimes just hearing a perspective, regardless of whether it is resonant of your belief or not, provides you with an idea that leads to understanding. Maybe it makes you question your belief systems, or everything you’ve ever known, or maybe it’s just something as simple as someone recommending a place to go for coffee. During such a moment, regardless of if this understanding is specifically about you, you gain insight to yourself. For just recognizing this understanding, in others, yourself, or anything really, is a step towards the understanding of self. Understanding yourself is the key to love, to happiness, change of habits, and most importantly peace of mind. When we understand ourselves, we can accept ourselves. When we accept ourselves we can truly love ourselves. And once we truly love ourselves, we can truly love anything we can envision. Thus to deeply understand love at a personal level, we must first understand ourselves. Understanding leads to acceptance, and acceptance leads to this idea of living in the present also known as enlightenment in the Buddhist sense.

Acceptance, which by now hopefully you understand that it is Love, is the non-attachment of idealisms. Let me give a simple example to help better understand this. You’re partner gets done up for a party, they look really nice, and have taken more time to work on their appearance. You see them and think, wow, they look really nice.

Now the Attachment ego-based perspective goes as follows: You may begin to formulate this image in the back of their mind that by dressing up, your partner is most attractive to you. You think wow, why don’t they do this every day if they look this good? You then begin to hold an expectation of your partner. When they don’t look all done up, you begin to hold in your mind this idea that they are less attractive. This may not be consciously realized, or it may be totally conscious. But your partner begins to not dress up as often as they have in the past, and you begin to constantly have this thought in your mind that they are less attractive than when you first met them. You hold onto these expectations, and they end up destroying your happiness. This is attachment.

The non-attachment love-based perspective goes as follows: You see how beautiful they are when they dress up, and appreciate the work they put into it. However, you see the beauty in them beyond just looks. You appreciate them for all that they are. You don’t hold expectations of what you perceive them to be as, instead you understand that they are beautiful, and a divine being in a human body and are your equal. They are perfect, and wonderful and you accept them as they are. Not limiting them, or putting them into this box of expectations. You constantly see that they become more beautiful each day just by accepting all that they are, and you become more happy with yourself. This is Love. This is non-attachment. Appreciating every imperfection. Appreciating every moment, and not comparing or placing expectations on anyone, or anything. The moment you release expectations, is the same moment you release limitations on love, and overall happiness. The moment you release attachment of all that is, is the same moment you experience all that is. You are Love, you are Divine. So I urge you to question the areas in your life in which you hold expectations of others, of yourself or of situations. Release those expectations, and appreciate the divinity in all of creation. To just be, is the most beautiful thing of all. To Love, that is what we are here for. That is what we are meant to do, that is our life purpose. We are Love. Love yourself, Love your neighbour, Love your life, because it is the greatest gift in the Universe!