My 40-Day Redesign Challenge

It has been a little while since I have last posted, and so I am making an update! I am going to be participating in a 40-Day Redesign Challenge. This challenge is meant to redesign old thought patterns, belief systems, understand new experiences and evolve as it helps each individual become a clear channel for The Divine to work out of. Bentinho Massaro is hosting this powerful challenge. My intention for this time is to start placing my time and effort into all that I wish to prioritize, as well as really allow myself to develop my creativity, and allow that to guide the way! This is going to be a powerful time for me. I am going to be flying out to Greece for a month to stay by myself and really work on me, as well as expand my business and brand online in a more sustainable way. During this 40-Day Period (Sept. 24th-Nov. 3rd) I will be posting daily videos on the current Astrology, updates on Me and my process of creating some new e-courses, as well as redesigning my brand and setting myself up for only online services. I am just becoming a transparent beacon of light, and I am thrilled to be able to share that with so many loving people! I have some AMAZING things planned, and many more still brainstorming. So stay tuned for Online Meditations, E-Courses, Classes, Retreats and more!!

This next year is going to be an amazing year for change, manifestation, and pursuit of passions. I have begun to feel it now since we have had a Grand Fire Trine happening between The North Node, Saturn and Uranus. This is a time for change, as The North Node which rules your life mission, lessons, and purpose this lifetime, is at a Grand Trine in the sign of Leo with Uranus in Aries and Saturn in Sagittarius! Uranus is influencing our vision, our connection to purpose and soul in a much more direct and perhaps even an aggressive wave of change, while Saturn is showing us all the areas we are lacking movement, and allowing us to finally understand what freedom on a soul level is. Fire is passion, pursuit, change, manifestation, and energy. It is creation, and that is exactly how the collective is feeling right now! It is time to CREATE this new chapter in our lives! It is important to take it easy during this time, channel these creative ideas, allow these new insights, and downloads to take place, but do not burn yourself out! It is important to ground, and create a sustaining relationship with all this fire energy. Fire is known to be impulsive, and burn you if you are not weary. You must respect this energy right now, and it will respect you by allowing for the alignment of your manifestations to take place. Just like the forest must burn the old, so that the new growth may blossom from it, and like the Phoenix from the Ashes we rise. This is a time of allowing with dignity, and assertiveness, the past to be let go of, and welcome in the life you desire. This is a life you create, this is a life you have manifested. Let go of all that drags you down, and have courage as you enter in a new era. This begins with a 3-year cycle. During the next 3 years, you will be undergoing an INTENSE transformation as we finally step into our divine place in the cosmos, we undergo many initiations, challenging lessons, and huge amounts of growth within small amounts of linear time. Surrender to the flow of your heart, the wind that carries you, that supports you. This is the Divine moving through you, experiencing you, while you finally experience what a limitless experience is truly like. I am ready for this challenge, and I am ready now.

May all beings everywhere be happy and free.

Much Love,

Will Nicholls

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