Co-existing during this time of Ascension

We are here incarnated as human beings for the sole purpose of becoming separated from God, only to discover that we are in fact God. We are meant to discover the truth, that we are all one. We are consciousness experiencing itself through various different lenses of perception. The way I see the Universe is different from the way you see the Universe. We have different lenses. Physically we have different DNA, our cells in our retinas are slightly different. You may have blue eyes, while I have brown eyes. You may wear glasses, while I have 20/20 vision. What you experience and what I experience may be very similar, but they are still different. By now you are probably beginning to wonder why this difference even matters. The answer is very simple, we are unique expressions of consciousness. We are not meant to compare ourselves. We are not comparable to begin with. If you see things from a unity point of view, we are one, and therefore one cannot compare oneself with oneself. You need another example, another piece of information to compare. If we are all one there is nothing to compare. However, if we are seeing things from a place of duality, we compare ourselves because we believe that someone, or something, outside of ourselves is better or worse than we are. Good, Bad. Positive, Negative. Light, Dark. Yin, Yang. This is the very nature of duality, however that is not the point of duality. The point is to recognize coexistence THROUGH duality, in order to ascend to a higher level of consciousness. The purpose of duality is to teach us how to see that everything compliments everything, while being completely unique. Without the light, there cannot be dark to recognize the two in the first place. Without the negative, there can be no positive, as there would be nothing to compare it to.

Now, we hear this phrase “we are all one”, but what the hell does that mean? If you do not understand duality, you cannot possibly begin to fathom unity. Understanding dualiy means recognizing that in order to create the unique expression that you embody, there must be some contrast in order to understand that. You cannot understand your divine nature without learning what definitely is NOT divine. You cannot understand what is Love, without first recognizing what is NOT Love. You cannot understand what is, without first understanding what is not. How else do you know what you truly desire? You learn by experiencing what you definitely DO NOT want! Now this is all fun and dandy to experience, but what most people…even the most spiritual people do not understand is that there is more to the experience than just awareness of duality. Many people stay in the duality mindset and never grow out of that. Believing that the awareness of contrast is the end goal, however it is not. One important thing I have learned on my journey is that there is NEVER an end goal, there is always the current goal. “What is my current goal or intention in this moment?” That is the goal to end all goals, because you realize right then and there that there is no such thing as an end goal. There is always learning to be done, always thoughts to be thunk, and always experiences to be had!

So, now that I have understood duality, how do I get to a place of recognizing unity? Well this is the tricky part in this lifetime. When we were born, we also gave birth to an ego. Many of us “spiritual” people want nothing more than the ego to be destroyed. We all go through that phase, where we are obsessed with ego death. Perhaps dabbling in psychedelic experiences to fantasize what it would be like to not have an ego. Well here is the fun part, your ego is your inner child. When you nurture, love, and tame that wild child, you enter a state of harmony within your being. Truthfully, the only enemy we have is our ego, and the bigger mind-fuck behind that is that the ego can be our greatest ally during our time here. Would you let a child drive your car? No. Would you let a child tell you what to do? Probably not. Would you verbally abuse a child? I hope not. Would you let a child verbally abuse you? No. Would you try to kill a child? No. So why do you let your inner child, your scared little ego, do all of those things? Why do you abuse your child? Why do you make your child your enemy? When you come to terms with yourself, and you recognize your inner child is a part of you, but it does not define you, you recognize that you are much more than you were ever taught. Now I speak of the ego as an inner child, however when you hear inner child you probably think of your heart, or your higher self. This is where things get interesting… When you recognize that you have two children inside of you, one who has been created by you (ego), and one who is you (heart or higher self), your awareness changes. It is in this moment you begin to understand unity. It creates a little trigger within your awareness which allows you to understand that the purpose of creating a child (ego) was to better get in touch with yourself. To heal the inner child is to create unity between heart and mind. Ego, and soul. They coexist as one in this lifetime. It is up to you to decide whether or not you wish to perceive yourself as duality or as unity.

There is no such thing as ego death. You cannot kill what does not exist. Ego is an illusion, it is a reflection meant to show you the parts of yourself where you have not yet fully accepted yourself or your experience. When you deny your experience, when you deny yourself the truth, ego comes out and starts playing games. You feed it, you let it push you around. The Ego needs to know your boundaries, it needs to know what you will and will not tolerate. Why? Because YOU need to know your boundaries, you need to know what you will and will not tolerate. The ego is your number one greatest teacher, or guru on earth. When you have learned all you are meant to learn from it, you become one with yourself. It is in this moment, when you gain full present awareness. The ego judges, it protects, it fears. When you are fully present and aware, there is nothing to judge, nothing to protect from, and nothing to fear. Mindfulness is love. When you are mindful, you are finally experiencing your experience as it is. Non-judgmentally, no fear, just pure experience.

So, how do I get to the point of pure experience? How do I get to the point of unity consciousness?

Make friends with your ego. Listen to the voice in your head and recognize when it is fear or love speaking. Recognize when the voice is filled with judgement, or wisdom. Recognize whether right now in this moment, you are fully present or have other things on your mind. Get to the point where you are not scared of your ego. You are the one who consciously controls the reaction you have to the circumstances you manifest every second of every day. Who are you going to let steer your ship?

I will make a point that it is important not to get mad or frustrated at the ego. Treat it like you would when disciplining a child. Set your boundaries, be assertive with your own personal truths. You ARE worthy. You ARE beautiful. You ARE amazing. You ARE unique.

There is no person, place or thing in which you can compare the unique expression of your soul to. For you are comparing God with God. You are comparing the incomparable. Remember that next time you compare yourself to your friends, family, or hear someone else comparing themselves.

Wake up, smell those roses, chant a big “Fuck YEAH!” for being alive and bask in the intrinsic beauty of the present moment.

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